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July 2020
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Roope Tamminen (aka Hypnohustler) the first guest we ever had when we switched to our guest format--IS BACK, BABY. His new endeavor, LAKEVIEW CABIN COLLECTION is on Steam Greenlight! We chat with him about humping flaccid penises, Friday the 13th, part II, The Nightmare on Elmstreet TV series and also about his new game(s).

Before that, Dutch Mogul, Laurie and Jagger do an experiment wherein they play games they have not touched since childhood: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, The Ninja, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem 3D and Bubble Bobble. Let's Bobble, yo.

Interluded gracefully with a Videogameland touching on Snoop Dogg's VO work in Call of Duty: Ghosts and it's new game mode with some LAST DOOR and CHILD OF LIGHT.


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Comedian and full-body puppet maker Emmett Montgomery joins us to discuss. comedy, storytelling and discovering gaming gems.

Before that Arian and Jagger discuss an experiment they did for Vice + Motherboard in which they smoked marijuana and played games. 


Also Burial At Sea Episode 2 as survival horror. 

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The Game Kitchen's Raul Diez talks about their new Lovecraftian point and click game THE LAST DOOR. Before that Arian and Jagger do one-on-one talks with non-gamers, trying to delve into their mind and cull their secrets. 

Also, some comments culled from Jagger's blog on Destructoid, about dealing with non-gamers in your life. Includes a comment from The Dismal Jester's/Podtoid's Jonathan Holmes! Hot Diggity!

 Also, check out Jagger's new article on motherload.vice.com

This is Your Brain While Videogaming Stoned


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HELLO! We usually release each Friday, however, today we recorded this episode only to release it a few hours later like an wounded dove. We welcome Logan Fieth, devoloper of Four Sided Fantasy (on Kickstarter till Tuesday!) We steal rottentomatoes.com's Five Favorite Films and apply it to games.

Before that we chat about Logan's game before dipping into a masturbatory coma with Videogameland.

We also read some Destructoid Community Blog Comments.

We Love You.




Some of the games discussed:

Four Sided Fantasy, Mass Effect 3, Eternal Darkness, Link to the Past, Metro: Last Light, Pool of Radience, Half Life 2, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Spelunky, Brothers: A Tale of Two Brothers, Spelunky PS4 (and dog-clicking), SLEEPY TIME, Jazzpunk, World Ends with You, Secret of Mana, Super Mario Bros. (series.) AND MANY MO'! 





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So honored to speak with Leigh Alexander this week. We discuss writing in the age of internet comments, her gaming habits and her book BREATHING MACHINE.

Before that the gang discusses portable gaming and take a dip into Videogameland where Dutch Mogul explores the STARBOUND beta, things get OCD with ASSASSINS CREED and THE SIMS quickly devolves into a perv simulator. We also touch on TITANFALL.

We Love You.

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While waiting to record a segment with another guest who was late, we contacted THE STANELY PARABLE developer William Pugh and asked him for an on-the-spot interview which he kindly obliged us with! So we called him up in merry old England then and there!

Leading up to that Dutch Mogul and Jagger chat about Infamous:Second Son and its use of real places in their local Seattle! 

A non-standard episode, but very fun. 

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So delighted to have (Dr.) Ian Bogost on this episode. We speak of many things, including gaming culture as it relates to geographical space, and when and when not to whip out the PhD cred. 


Before that the GFR crew discuss an article in USA Today analyzing the difficulties of adapting games into film and also touch on attempts to go the other way. 


We Love You!

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This week is a more loosey-goosey episode as we cave in and do what we have avoided for awhile as a game podcast cliche: "Whatchya been playin?"

This leads into talk of sense of place in the ASSASSIN'S CREED series, and our experiences in the Seattle of inFAMOUS: SECOND SON, which leads into Corey talking about his newly open life as a cross-dresser

Then we speak with Jake Lewandowski of Team2Bit about his upcoming Ouya Exclusive: Reagan Gorbachev. We also discuss the state of the Ouya!

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We speak with The Bigot Gamer, who records and exposes all kinds of bigotry (homophobia, racism, religious intolerance, etc.) on his his site www.TheBigotGamer.com. 

Before that we speak about racism in games with Microsoft systems developer Randy Castleberry.


We Love You.


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Tomas Rawlings of Red Wasp Design visits Go For Rainbow to discuss the astonishing, award-winning newly-greenlit game CALL OF CTHULHU: THE WASTED LAND.

Before that filmmaker Brian Nunes joins the crew to discuss VR, Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus, Holodeck and the FUTURE OF VIDEO GAMES. 


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