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He's the man who found the unkillable Goomba, and collected the uncollectable coin in Super Mario 64. Splashed across the front page of Yahoo, Kotaky and more, he's the irrepressible PannenKoek2012, the single greates font of wisdom for all things Super Mario 64. It's a fascinating discussion. (Also pinch hitting for DutchMogul is DigiPen's favorite son, Doug Zwick.)

Before that the gang discusses Gamescom! Go for Rainbow discussing news and new/upcoming?? Can it be?



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This week we talk, alphas, betas, early access, Kickstarters and how a games initial players can influence the development of the game. Plus tales of a trip to Nintendo HQ, the shutting down of an MMO and more.


After that we talk with Dissident Dan's upcoming game: Paperbound.


Jagger's latest article can be found here:

DARPA Uses Preteen Gamers to Beta Test Tomorrow's Military Software

Arian will be speaking at a PAX Prime Pane:

3D Printing and the Future of Tabletop Gaming
PAX Prime - Friday August 29th @ 6:00 pm in the "Wombat" Theater

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Kotaku contributor David Heineman joins us to discuss his recent article

HOW TO BEAT 400 GAMES in 4.5 YEARS, and how he manages his massive backlog for fun but also as part of his academic life studying and writing about games--he is a professor at Bloomsburg University.

Before that, Arian, Jagger and previous guest now cohost Joshua Quail creator of the Nerdist's "What You Missed..." series, discuss their own tribulations involving backlogs. 

Laurie was unable to make the main segments of the show this week due to scheduling issues, however she recorded some backlog talk with her girlfriend which pops up, easter egg style, after the end music!


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Joshua Quail, producer of the Nerdists, What You Missed... series joins us to discuss video game Sequels, Remakes and Spinoffs!


It's a fun one. 



We Love You!


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Update: If anybody had a problem with an echo on the current episode of Go For Rainbow, delete it from your device and redownload it, it's been fixed!

The Gay Gamer joins us to talk about Difficulty in games! Before that we discuss the DESTINY beta, the DOTA 2 International and more!


Join us...wont you?


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Gamify life itself? We discuss the ramifications. Then, after a breif interlude involving voice commands in Wolfenstein: The New Order, and the UbiArt engine used by Child of Light, we we speak with Len Kendall about his upcoming game Cartegram, that send you out into the real world.


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St. Joseph's Commercial



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Michael Stearns, creator of Tiny Barbarian DX is on the show! We talk about Tiny Barbarian's Conan origins, Astroman, Tiny Barbarian's new Episode 2, but we don't talk about why the ape wants to kidnap the blonde girl. Don't even think about it.

Before that we discuss POLITICS IN GAMES, including Call of Duty:Ghosts' story of stopping hispanics crossing the border. 



We Love you.

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Comic book scribe, radio personality and Pulitzer Prize sharing journalist Mark Rahner joins us! You may know his as the wordsmith behind DEJAH of MARS, VAMPIRELLA, ARMY OF DARKNESS/REANIMATOR, THE TWILIGHT ZONE ANNUAL, CTHULU TALES and GREEN HORNET! 

Before that we discuss the games that baffle our hearts.


Our videogameland segment is in the shop this week getting retooled.


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Andrew Kerekes and Luke Burtis talk about their new game FEARLESS FANTASY, before that the gang has a video game poetry slam consisting of both found and original works. Then it's off to Videogameland to talk about Mario Kart 8, beating Spelunky for the first time, Paper Dungeons, Botanicula and more.

There is also some pondering over a Johnny Depp anecdote told to Jagger by someone who worked with Depp recently.


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Mario Kart 8's Ludwig Von Koopa voice David J. Goldfarb & Medal of Honor/Call of Duty animator and Xplore: Pangaea director Sunil Thankamushy, who chats about working with Stephen Spielberg.

Plus we try to do an E3 segment like a regular games podcast but end up talking about having magic powers that could turn your opponent into a hot girl or a baby.

Also some chat about Mario Kart 8 with the wife, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, forcing yourself to kill whales in Assassin's Creed IV, cinematic composition in games, frustration when trying to get all the trophies in Double Fine's The Cave and more. 


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Roope Tamminen (aka Hypnohustler) the first guest we ever had when we switched to our guest format--IS BACK, BABY. His new endeavor, LAKEVIEW CABIN COLLECTION is on Steam Greenlight! We chat with him about humping flaccid penises, Friday the 13th, part II, The Nightmare on Elmstreet TV series and also about his new game(s).

Before that, Dutch Mogul, Laurie and Jagger do an experiment wherein they play games they have not touched since childhood: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, The Ninja, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem 3D and Bubble Bobble. Let's Bobble, yo.

Interluded gracefully with a Videogameland touching on Snoop Dogg's VO work in Call of Duty: Ghosts and it's new game mode with some LAST DOOR and CHILD OF LIGHT.


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Comedian and full-body puppet maker Emmett Montgomery joins us to discuss. comedy, storytelling and discovering gaming gems.

Before that Arian and Jagger discuss an experiment they did for Vice + Motherboard in which they smoked marijuana and played games. 


Also Burial At Sea Episode 2 as survival horror. 

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The Game Kitchen's Raul Diez talks about their new Lovecraftian point and click game THE LAST DOOR. Before that Arian and Jagger do one-on-one talks with non-gamers, trying to delve into their mind and cull their secrets. 

Also, some comments culled from Jagger's blog on Destructoid, about dealing with non-gamers in your life. Includes a comment from The Dismal Jester's/Podtoid's Jonathan Holmes! Hot Diggity!

 Also, check out Jagger's new article on motherload.vice.com

This is Your Brain While Videogaming Stoned


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HELLO! We usually release each Friday, however, today we recorded this episode only to release it a few hours later like an wounded dove. We welcome Logan Fieth, devoloper of Four Sided Fantasy (on Kickstarter till Tuesday!) We steal rottentomatoes.com's Five Favorite Films and apply it to games.

Before that we chat about Logan's game before dipping into a masturbatory coma with Videogameland.

We also read some Destructoid Community Blog Comments.

We Love You.




Some of the games discussed:

Four Sided Fantasy, Mass Effect 3, Eternal Darkness, Link to the Past, Metro: Last Light, Pool of Radience, Half Life 2, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Spelunky, Brothers: A Tale of Two Brothers, Spelunky PS4 (and dog-clicking), SLEEPY TIME, Jazzpunk, World Ends with You, Secret of Mana, Super Mario Bros. (series.) AND MANY MO'! 





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So honored to speak with Leigh Alexander this week. We discuss writing in the age of internet comments, her gaming habits and her book BREATHING MACHINE.

Before that the gang discusses portable gaming and take a dip into Videogameland where Dutch Mogul explores the STARBOUND beta, things get OCD with ASSASSINS CREED and THE SIMS quickly devolves into a perv simulator. We also touch on TITANFALL.

We Love You.

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While waiting to record a segment with another guest who was late, we contacted THE STANELY PARABLE developer William Pugh and asked him for an on-the-spot interview which he kindly obliged us with! So we called him up in merry old England then and there!

Leading up to that Dutch Mogul and Jagger chat about Infamous:Second Son and its use of real places in their local Seattle! 

A non-standard episode, but very fun. 

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So delighted to have (Dr.) Ian Bogost on this episode. We speak of many things, including gaming culture as it relates to geographical space, and when and when not to whip out the PhD cred. 


Before that the GFR crew discuss an article in USA Today analyzing the difficulties of adapting games into film and also touch on attempts to go the other way. 


We Love You!

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This week is a more loosey-goosey episode as we cave in and do what we have avoided for awhile as a game podcast cliche: "Whatchya been playin?"

This leads into talk of sense of place in the ASSASSIN'S CREED series, and our experiences in the Seattle of inFAMOUS: SECOND SON, which leads into Corey talking about his newly open life as a cross-dresser

Then we speak with Jake Lewandowski of Team2Bit about his upcoming Ouya Exclusive: Reagan Gorbachev. We also discuss the state of the Ouya!

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We speak with The Bigot Gamer, who records and exposes all kinds of bigotry (homophobia, racism, religious intolerance, etc.) on his his site www.TheBigotGamer.com. 

Before that we speak about racism in games with Microsoft systems developer Randy Castleberry.


We Love You.


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Tomas Rawlings of Red Wasp Design visits Go For Rainbow to discuss the astonishing, award-winning newly-greenlit game CALL OF CTHULHU: THE WASTED LAND.

Before that filmmaker Brian Nunes joins the crew to discuss VR, Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus, Holodeck and the FUTURE OF VIDEO GAMES. 


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We Love You.


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Jim Rodda AKA Zheng3 visits Go For Rainbow to talk about his custom-built, 3D printable Barbie Armor, which he works on as a hobby. His day job is making arcade games! This armor has, this very week, been talked about in the Huffington Post and USA Today. We also discuss TitanfallTowerfall and Spelunky, and read some reader mail.

We then talk with AJ Dimick, producer of the 2014 IGF Student Showcase-winning assymetrical co-op game, Cyberheist, which will be out next month.

This one is a doozy folks. 


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This week we have a short, special episode as the usual gang was not available to record this week. Jagger speaks with Paolo Pedercini who teaches at Carnegie Mellon University by day and makes intensely controversial video games by night, including one showing Muhammed's face, and another about smartphone development that was actually banned by Apple from iTunes. 

We love you.

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We discuss Columbine, the devil coming after your little sister for nefarious purposes and more with Bryan Perro, writer on the game Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves expert on werewolf folklore, and author of the bestselling Amos Daragon series. 

Before that, the gang talks about their first experiences with games then give Corey a chance to hold the reigns for a while and bring up any subject he wants.

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The creators of GENDER BENDER DNA TWISTER EXTREME are on the show: David Kerr and Lachlan Snell!

Wildly successful on Indiegogo, the game is a whimsical fantasy of guys turning into hot girls (and more). Some think the handling of the transgender subject could be offensive. We discuss this at great depth with a cast that spans the LGBT spectrum. 

Find the game on Steam Greenlight, or on Desura.com.


Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme


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We speak on location with the creator of the acclaimed game THE FLOOR IS JELLY!

Before that Jagger, Dutch Mogul, Laurie Banks and Corey discuss the moral responsibility of video games (violence, addiction). 

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Vote for THE FLOOR IS JELLY on Steam Greenlight!

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This week we speak with Team Tripleslash about their successfully Kickstarted Magnetic By Nature (targeting a March relase date) and living the life of an up-and-coming indie game developer. 

Before that Jagger, Dutch-Mogul, Corey, and Laurie discuss character makeovers in games. 

Magnetic By Nature


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Chat with Simon Parkin Begins at 36 Min.

Before that Jagger, Corey, Arian and Laurie talk about online interactions in games!

We Love you!

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Chat with actress Ellen McLain begins at 36:30!

Before that Jagger, Dutch Mogul and new co-host Laurie Banks discuss narrative in games, touching on BANNER SAGA, DON"T STARVE, KILLZONE: SHADOWFALL, HTIMAN: ABSOLUTION, RED DEAD REDEMPTION, and MINECRAFT and more. 


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Chat with Steve Gaynor: 00:45

The Fullbright Company founder and developer of everybody's Game of the Year Steve Gaynor! He previously wrote the MINERVA'S DEN DLC for BIOSHOCK 2 and also worked on level design on BIOSHOCK INFINITE! We have a fun chat about the origin of The Fullbright Company, representation of gay and lesbian protagonists in games.

Before that Arian and Jagger discuss DON'T STARVE, THE BANNER SAGA and read the GAYEST GAMES OF THE YEAR list from gaygamer.net.

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This week we welcom Voice Actor John Patrick Lowrie, who has played seven Heroes in DOTA 2, is the Sniper in Team Fortress 2 and played every male citizen in Half Life 2. 


Before that Jagger and Arian discuss Corey giving his PS3 to Arian, and Don't Starve (Corey is off this week, but will be back).

Games: Don't Starve, Minecraft, Dota 2, Half Life series, Portal series, DAYZ, Spelunky.

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Many thanks to Jamie Doughty for becoming a patron of the show! Follow him on Twitter: @jamiedoughty, check out all the cool stuff he creates at jamiedoughty.com and listen to his poetry podcast: Jamie Doughty Talks! 

Our show is community supported! patreon.com/GoForRainbow

Our chat with Crazy Viking Studios co-founder Kris Durrschmidt begins at: 1 hour 29 seconds

Before that, Corey, Arian and Jagger continue to recollect the games they played in 2013, when not being distracted by the end of the world in 2012, bugout bags, the Mayan Calender, Nazis and Corey's puffy jacket. 

Volgarr the Viking



Go For Rainbow


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No guest this week as Corey, Arian and Jagger look back at the games they played in 2013.


Plus: Corey thinks Native Americans have magic powers.


Movies/TV: Wolf of Wallstreet, Nebraska, 12 Years a Slave Gymkata, Miami Connection, American Hustle, Redbelt, Love Actually, Children of Men, Serenity.


Games: Shadowrun Returns, Papers Please, Gone Home, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Passing Time, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Zeno Clash II, Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Tekken Revolution, DMC, BioShock Infinite, Volgarr, Battlefield 4, Poker Night at the Inventory 2, Warframe, Resogun, Blacklight: Retribution, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Ibb & Obb Dead or Alive 5 Plus and Core Fighters, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Contrast. Pluse 2013 DLC For:  LittleBigPlanet (DC Universe), Borderlands 2, Black Ops II, Assassins Creed II, Battlefield 3, Sleeping Dogs, Walking Dead (500 Days) BioShock Infinite (Burial at Sea), Dishonored (Knife of Dunwall). 

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